Game of Domains

The digital world may be difficult to navigate at times, especially when we are not very familiar with all of its functions. Last month we discussed how the real world is turning more virtual. We left you with a brief look at websites and how they can be quite useful for a business.

This month, we are talking domains! When thinking of how we access pages through the internet we can compare this to how we access physical places in the real world. If we didn’t have physical addresses we would probably spend most of our time guessing where we are and where we might be going.

Imagine trying to get somewhere for the first time, without gps or an address. Maybe you can get directions like at the fork in the road go left or after the gas station turn right. I would prefer an address, and gps, wouldn’t you?

The Real World turns Virtual

The real world is becoming more virtual everyday. Now with the pandemic, all of us are being pushed more into the digital realm. This has many of us wondering what we are going to do to sustain our lives.
Many businesses were run completely offline before this crisis. Leaving business owners struggling to find new forms of income, workers without the ability to make a living, and people without much needed services. One thing you can’t deny today, no matter how many times you have denied it in the past, online is the place to be.
As a business owner or even an entrepreneur, your first question may be, where do I start? When talking about bringing your venture into the digital era, the first thing to consider is where do you want people to end up.